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Vantaggi Magnosphere Wide and various range of latest products

Variety of brands

You will not find another Magnet producer that offers such a broad

Variety of quality products
We constantly try to enlarge our range!

Wide range
You as the customer are only satisfied if you find the product you were searching for. We have more than thousand different products in our range. You will certainly find the right product!

Product quality
We only offer high quality products. If we are not convinced by a quality of a product, we will not offer it. That's the reason why we are convinced that we offer a solution to your product search.

Riskless shopping


Shopping with no risk Exchange

If you do not like the product or if the product does not meet your expectation, you are able to send the product back to us. Please fill in the return note and send it to us.

Exchange? Money back?
You have the possibility to choose from different return options. If you want, we exchange your product against another product. Of course, a refund of your payment is possible. We return the money to your account which you have indicated during your order process. Alternatively, we can credit the amount for your next purchase on your customer account.

Secure shopping with money back guarantee
Your confidence is very important for us! You can be sure that your personal data or information are not transmitted to 3rd parties. This is an important part of our philosophy and a required criteria for the Trusted Shops certification. This also gives you the opportunity to conclude a money-back guarantee at the end of the order process.

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Professional service for your satisfaction

Consultancy and competence

Customer service and consultation are important to us and we ensure that our employees are competent, well trained experts in their own field. Thus you can besure that you always receive professional consultancy on the telephone or online.

Customised service
We take care of you. If you have questions or suggestions please chooseone of our consultancy services and contact us by phone, email or mailwhere our employees will be pleased to help you.

Choose your medium

We offer a range of contact options:

  • By phone Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 23:00 number +49 2241.9594520
  • By email to info(at)
  • By mail to Magnosphere GmbH, Gierlichsstrasse 27, 53840 Troisdorf

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Best price guarantee

Always the lowest prices

Besides service and quality the price plays a very great role today. We calculate our prices fairly. We do not want to make a deal with you once. Our target is a long-term business relation. If you find a more favorable tennis product at another tennis shop, you can make use of our best price guarantee.

Our best price guarantee
You always buy at the best price!
If you find your desired product at a lower price in another mail-order firm with the same service, please contact us. After checking you get the more favorable price. Special offers and auctioneers are excluded! The usage of this service is not combined with other discounts as quantity discounts or special terms of the Magnosphere GmbH. It can be understood as a unique accomodation. Every follow-up demands on the same prices can only be claimed against a presentment of a counteroffer of mail-order firms mentioned above. Subject to availability.

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Easy dispatch handling

Fast delivery
The delivery time plays an important role. That is the reason why the online shop is connected to our ERP system.
You always have the possibility to see whether the product is in stock or not. The prompt dispatch is the most important part of a fast delivery.
Our assurance: If you order until 15:30 p.m., we will send your parcel on the same day, on workdays within 24 hours at the latest. After that, the logistic partner DHL Express, UPS or FedEx is responsible for the fast delivery.
Flexible delivery
You are not at home during the usual delivery period? No problem! You can choose your desired delivery address and the parcel will certainly reach you. Of course, we also send the goods to a DHL pack station.
International delivery
We do not know borders! Depending on the country, lump sums for delivery costs are added. Delivery costs are automatically added in the "checkout" after having selected the delivery country.
Shipment tracking
you can always keep track of your products. You automatically receive a shipment number by email when the parcel is ready for dispatch. Alternatively you can ask one of our customer service employees for your shipment number. For your shipment tracking, please click on your email information and enter your number.

Secure payment options to your taste


Secure Payment options

Payment possibilities
We accept advanced payments, credit card payments, payments via PayPal and payments via wire transfer.

Gift idea (coupon)
You do not have an idea for a gift? A coupon of Magnosphere is a very good idea! You can order the coupon with email or by phone. There are no limits, you decide about the amount. The recipient can redeem the coupon online by entering the coupon code during the order process. By personal pick-up you can redeem the coupon at the desk.

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Modern environment for a relaxed shopping experience

Easy handling in the online shop
Easy, fast and uncomplicated - Shopping with pleasure!
The Magnosphere online shop is very customer-friendly. Many sorting and filter functions help you to find your desired product and guarantee a barrier-free searching.

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Chi fornisce magneti al neodimio di alta qualità?

Magnosphere offre i migliori magneti al neodimio a prezzi globali a tutte le industrie, tra cui Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Advertising, Design House, Electronic e Academic / R & D. Si prega di informarsi per i magneti al neodimio personalizzati o per il montaggio magnetico.

Compra magneti permanenti o magneti al neodimio magnete calamita super forte a Magnosphere e otteni un migliore affare!

Shop online per potenti magneti al neodimio (NdFeB), in ferrite e AlNiCo. Se hai bisogno di magneti permanenti di tutti i tipi Magnosphere Magneti è il tuo partner ideale per la magneti permanenti online e la magneti ufficio così come per nastro magnetico e foglio magnetico. Enorme deposito di magneti, prezzi onesti, eccezionale servizio ai clienti!
Sulla sistemi magnetici puoi scegliere tra magneti pratici con foro svasato, filettatura e gancio, ideale anche per l'uso nell'industria. Prova il nostro servizio e non rimarrai deluso !!!
La consegna si effettua in tempi brevi e in tutti i paesi europei e al mondo.
Avete domande sul vostro ordine o sulla consegna? Sulle nostre offerte? O avete domae più generali?
Il nostro team molto motivato farà di tutto per offrirVi un servizio perfetto. Quando si tratta di magneti potenti, siamo noi il partner giusto.
Saremo qui per voi tutti i giorni lavorativi, dalle ore 8h-21h.
E-Mail info(at) - 24 ore al giorno compresi i festivi!

ROHS-Linea Guida

ROHS-Linea Guida Magnosphere conforms to the RoHs directive and the Reach and PFOS regulations. Directive 2002/96 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of January 27, 2003, on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

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24 / 7 x 365 inclusi festivi! Gli addetti della nostra assistenza clienti sono pronti ad aiutarvi!