Avvertimenti di sicurezza del magnete Avvertimenti di sicurezza del magnete

Magnet Safety Warnings

Keep out of reach of children
Although magnets can be wonderful toys and highly educational, these are 'adult' toys, and not for children. Small children should not be allowed to handle any of our magnets at all! Older children should handle them only under adult supervision, and wearing proper safety equipment (depending on the size and power of the magnets being used). Small magnets pose very little hazard, but large magnets should be handled with extreme caution.

Pacemakers and Defibrillators

Pacemakers and defibrillators can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker or defibrillator, or has health issues which require that you wear electronics of any sort, avoid magnets completely until you consult your doctor!

Pinch and Eye Hazard

Strong magnets can pose a serious pinch hazard due to their attractive force on each other and to any metal object containing iron. Usually surprise is an issue--they can jump out of your hands and snap together from a surprising distance before you realize what is happening. Though small magnets are quite safe, larger sizes are strong enough that they can pinch you like a pair of pliers, and be very difficult to remove from your fingers without help. They are strong enough that they can fly into each other or to a piece of iron or steel with such velocity that they can break and send sharp 'shrapnel' flying about! Plus, your expensive magnets are then permanently broken.
ALWAYS use a strong grip and zen-like concentration when handling large magnets, and wear safety goggles. Some people wear gloves when handling them, this is at your option. Glove may help prevent accidental blood blisters if the magnets snap together, but they may also compromise you firm grip. Large magnets with sharp corners pinch and shatter the worst, rounded ones are safer. Small magnets are generally very safe.

Damage to magnetic storage media

Magnetic fields can cause damage to magnetic storage media. These include: cassette tapes, floppy disks, credit cards, video tapes, and computer hard drives. Keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all types of magnetic media.

Damage to Electronics

Certain electronic devices are sensitive to magnetic fields and may be damaged permanently or temporarily disabled if exposed to a magnetic field that is too strong. Any video screen or television will become distorted and/or discolored if exposed to a strong magnetic field. While damaged screens can usually be demagnetized, it's often tricky and may require qualified service technicians to do so. Other electronic devices like cellphones and pagers can also be damaged. Store your magnets in a safe place away from electronics of any kind.

Pregnant Women

Although there are no known health risks involving the handling of permanent magnets of the sizes we s just to be on the safe side we would advise pregnant women to avoid any exposure to strong magnetic fields.

Drilling and Machining

Neodymium magnets are by nature very hard and brittle. Although they can be cut, drilled and machined, it should ONLY be done by folks who are experienced with ceramics. If the magnets get over about 300 deg F, they will lose their magnetism permanently. They are flammable, and it is not difficult while grinding or machining to get them (or the chips and dusts from cutting) so hot hot they ignite. If they do ignite, the fumes are toxic and the material burns very fast and hot, like Magnesium! In our experience any machining of these magnets should be done with diamond tools under lots of coolant with good ventilation and the risk of fire in mind.

Shipping Magnets Safely

We take great care when shipping to see that any magnetic fields are well contained within the box we send them in. We pack very carefully so the external magnetic fields cancel out, and we use steel box liners as needed to insure that every box is safe and non-magnetic to comply with national and international postal regulations.

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ROHS-Linea Guida

Magnosphere conforme con la directiva RoHs y los reglamentos Reach y PFOS Magnosphere conforme con la Direttiva RoHS. La Direttiva 2011/65/CE (RoHS 2) istituisce norme riguardanti la restrizione all'uso di sostanze pericolose nelle apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche (AEE) al fine di contribuire alla tutela della salute umana e dell'ambiente, compresi il recupero e lo smaltimento ecologicamente corretti dei rifiuti di AEE.

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